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Papillon Bow

Papillon Bow

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Elevate your pet's style with our exquisite bow ties, meticulously hand-crafted from the leftover premium microsuede material used from our beds. The innovative design ensures a comfortable and non-intrusive fit, allowing your pets to flaunt their beauty effortlessly.

These bows effortlessly slide onto most standard-width collars, featuring two elastic loops at the back for enhanced stability. Not only do they add a touch of sophistication to your pet's look, but they also contribute to our commitment to recycling and minimizing waste.

Please note that pets should always be supervised during product interaction. Remove damaged items immediately. Pooshi is not responsible for any injury or damage that may occur while using our products.


Wash in cold water with a gentle cycle; avoid corrosive products.

High-Endurance - Scratch Resistant

We use Premium, scratch-resistant materials designed for lasting durability

Removable & Transportable

All our beds are equipped with a handle for easy transport and feature a removable inner zipper, allowing you to wash it separately or replace it as needed.

Supreme Comfort

Dedicated to your pets' comfort, our beds are filled with high-end recycled polyester, offering adaptability and body support while staying free of pilling

Tailored for Pets - Easy Upkeep

Our beds are renowned for soothing dog anxiety and providing comfort. Our materials are also designed to be hair-repellent.

Handcrafted with Love in Canada

Individually tailored to your preferences, each product is crafted with care and delivered to your door within 5-8 days!

Waterproof Nylon

Enhanced with a beneath nylon cap, every model is waterproof and easily transportable for both indoor and outdoor settings. Discover our range of fully nylon

Sustainable & Nature-hearted

We utilize recycled materials and craft accessories from leftovers, minimizing waste and embracing sustainability

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